KEHILA - Israel Federation of Community Centers

The Israel Federation of Community Centers was founded in 1976 (RA since 1983) by organizations operating community centers and seeking a framework for sharing, coordination and mutual growth. Today, the Federation includes more than 30 member organizations, representing over 600 community centers in Israel. The Federation is the largest umbrella organization in Israel for all community and social practitioners and serves as a professional and representative network for international activities and conferences. The Federation represents the Israeli community centers at JCC GLOBAL – the World Organization of Jewish Community Centers, IFS – the International Organization of Community Centers, and Euro-Med – the EU Youth Programs.

Uniqueness and Advantages:

• Vast knowledge and experience in operating and coordinating activities of organizations and community organizations with local authorities.

• Creating and strengthening relationships with relevant organizations in Israel and around the world, with government ministries and community organizations in civil society.

• A stable organizational system with professional governance bodies, who are knowledgeable and experienced in managing public and voluntary systems.

• An open, flexible and encouraging system to community organizations that join as Federation members.

• International relationships with global organizations and associations, professional exchange of knowledge and other resources promoting a wide and legitimate base.

• Creating collaborations and strategic partnerships that leverage the organization’s activities.

• Nationwide layout, enabling large-scale collaborations between organizations.

The Federation’s Vision:

The Israel Federation of Community Centers is an umbrella organization that teaches, develops, coordinates, represents and is entirely relevant for the organizations that make up its membership. The Federation has the tools needed to help its members create meaningful community processes and increase social capital in their environment.

The Federation provides a platform for initiatives and collaborations between its member organizations to promote social and community goals in Israeli society.

The Federation is a professional resource rich in information and knowledge that empowers and nurtures its members. It also provides pofessional certification for member activities.

General Goals:

• Strengthening the recognition of the Federation as an umbrella organization which is representative, central and a leader of all community centers in Israel, both among the central and local government in Israel, and among international associations of Jewish and other community centers.

• An easily accessible knowledge and information center for community centers. This includes developing work plans and training systems, providing counseling services and guidance for community development and community strengthening.

• Strengthening the professional benefits of the Federation in its national and international connections and their utilization by the Federation members for the purpose of developing their own unique capabilities.

• Professional development of human capital in community centers through conferences, training courses and professional discourse circles.

• To initiate and develop peer-reviewed mechanisms and infrastructure for members of the Federation.

• Increasing and empowering the number of member community organizations.

• To implement innovative management systems, branding, marketing and PR management practices.

Organizational Roles:

President of the Federation – Prof. Hillel Schmid

Chairman of the Board – Yair Damari

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee – Yigal Danino

Executive Director – Etti Isler

Israel Federation of Community Centers - Background Information

Community centers are human service organisations that receive support and recognition for their work from within the community. They provide services in the fields of education, culture, sports and leisure, as well as other social services to all residents of their community. Community centers are an important means of social intergration that advocate democratic values, bring different population groups together and promote social norms.
As an organisation working within a community, the center adapts itseld to the unique characteristics and needs of the community it serves. The Israel Federation of Community Centers (IFCC) encompasses a large number of community centers and organisations, whose primary purpose is to provide social and communal services to diverse populations in a changing environment.

Founded in 1976, the goal of the IFCC is to unify, strengthen and enrich individuals and organisations involved in the field of community work in Israel. Since its establishments, the IFCC has been working to address the needs of both member and non-member community organisations by organising conferences and seminars, sponsoring professional visits around Israel and abroad, producing professional publications and creating professional networks that serve as a basis for ongoing projects.

Who We Are

  • vIFCC is a non-profit umbrella organization made up of community
  • centers & community based organizations and managed by a Board of Directors
  • vIFCC brings together over 600 community centers and organizations
  • whose primary purpose is to provide social and communal services to diverse populations and works towards the
  • advancement of the Community
  • vFounded in 1976, the goal of the IFCC is to unify, strengthen & enrich individuals and organizations involved in the field of community work in Israel by arranging conferences and seminars, sponsoring professional visits in Israel and abroad, producing professional publications and fostering professional networks that serve as a basis for ongoing projects
  • vIFCC serves as the Israel representative in the World Confederation of
  • Jewish Community Centers (WCJCC) and The International Federation of Settlements & Neighbourhood Centres (IFS). The Federation is also a partner in the Euromed Youth Programs

What We Do

vPromote mutual cooperation among organizations that work with

community centers, both in Israel and abroad

vRaise awareness of the importance of community development

vAdvance communal and social issues in the community

vPromote cultural dialogue and local governance

vNurture connections with similar community center organizations abroad

vEncourage social and cultural interaction among community


vAdvocate programs for youth and young adults within community

centers and neighborhoods

vDevelop tools for non-formal education

vEnrich the knowledge of Community Center staff through seminars, professional tours/visits, conferences and other events

Our Strategy

IFCC is undergoing an analysis and restructuring to lead the organization for the years to come. Prof. Hillel Schmid has committed himself to continue as President, Ms. Gaby Bar-Zakai has been elected Chair of the new Board of Directors, and new committees have been
Priorities were set that meet the challenges of the changing political and social atmosphere in Israel, including:

To develop solidarity among the member organizations

To position the Community Center as a center for action in areas of national importance

To empower the community to identify their needs and meet them

To develop joint strategies to face the changing reality of the Community Centers worldwide

Board of Directors

Professor Hillel Schmid, President
Mr, Yair Damari, Chair of the Board
Mr. Yigal Danino, Vice Chair
Mr. Raz Froylich
Ms Einat Zinger
Mr. Ronen Kovalski
Ms. Esther Sela
Ms. Bat-El Garbi
Ms. Julia Penson
Ms. Juli Avni
Ms. Vered Atass
Mr. Almog Aizenmann
Mr. Arik Shua
Mr. Nimrod Galante
Mr. Shlomi Numa

Mr. Eitan Timan
Chairman Advisory Committee,
Ministry of Education Representative

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